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Last update  18/08/2013
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How to Tie a Karate Belt:
Step by Step Guide
Anyone who teaches Karate to children regularly will tell you that a large portion of  the class time is always taken up with belt tying problems. With younger children this is understandable as most of them probably cannot even tie their own shoelaces yet.

It is for this reason and the sincere hope that some tuition time can be saved by educating students/parents in the correct method to tie a Karate belt. Below therefore is a  guide to tying a Karate belt in a simple  step by step sequence for children/parents alike.

This really is easy once you get the hang of it and then you can even do it with your eyes closed.
Hold your belt at approximately mid length and adjust until both hanging ends are equal in length.
Once the mid length point has been established, place this point against the front of  your body at waist height. Continue by wrapping the belt ends around your waist to the back (where the belt will cross) and bring both ends back to the front.
Note : let the belt ends hang loose and hold the belt reasonably tightly against your stomach. Then, holding the belt section coming from the left hip in your left hand and the belt section coming from the right hip in your right hand, cross the  right side over the left side. At this point is it advisable to use your right hand to pin the belt ends where they are now crossed in front against your waist ie where the knot will be , leaving the left hand free to carry out the next step.

Using the left hand tuck the  belt portion which is now at the left  side, completely under the  double thickness of the belt and then behind,  up and over the top of the belt just to the left hand side of your right hand.
You can now remove your right hand from pinning the belt together at the front of your waist. Take the belt portion at the left side in your left hand and the belt portion at the right side in your right hand. Bring both portions together by crossing the left side loosely over the right  side, then up and through the middle of the loop created to the outside of the loop and down across to the right  side .
Finish by pulling both ends of the belt in opposite directions ie  left and right and “hey presto” you have a belt knot.
NB you may need to give a small twist of the left hand to allow the knot to sit properly, depending on the stiffness of the belt.
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