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Last update  18/08/2013
Shitokai Erskine
Park Mains High School, Park Mains, Erskine
Tel: +44(0)141-812-3978, Mobile: 07976-268518
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Karate Classes at Park Mains Sports Complex - Erskine i
Gradings provide the student  with a  sense of achievement and a measure of their progress through their Karate career. This can be a daunting task for some although children in particular relish the challenge and hold little fear in this regard, always hungry for the next belt.

We have all seen the news clips with claims of some clubs to have the youngest black belt in Britain etc. at ages of 8yrs or younger. Well, we don’t believe it is possible to achieve a black belt at such an early age. In fact we have recognised that as more and more children take up Karate at an earlier age than before, that the normal grading system of 8 or 10 Kyu grades before Black belt just isn’t enough to provide sufficient time for a young body or mind to develop the physical skills and mental maturity that being able to call yourself a black belt encompasses.

In this club therefore we have adopted a 20 Kyu grade system which allows the young student to develop fully and retain the real worth that achieving a Junior Black belt (Shodan-Ho) deserves.  Remember that the benefits of Karate training are not simply geared to achieving that next coloured belt.
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