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Last update  18/08/2013
Shitokai Erskine
Park Mains High School, Park Mains, Erskine
Tel: +44(0)141-812-3978, Mobile: 07976-268518
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Karate Classes at Park Mains Sports Complex - Erskine i
Sensei McQueen  6th Dan
Along with being the Chief Instructor of the club responsible for the technical standards, Sensei McQueen is also the Technical Director of the Shitokai Scotland Association as well as its treasurer. As already stated in the main profile page for Sensei, as well as being a qualified British Karate Federation Referee and Kata Judge he is also a qualified European Karate Federation Kumite Referee & Kata Judge (the only double qualified International Referee in Scotland). He regularly referees throughout Britain and abroad, at  local, national and international level  and is therefore well qualified to pass on his knowledge in the competitive areas of both Kumite and Kata competition.

Sempai Brian Denholm 4th Dan
Sempai Denholm has been training with Sensei McQueen since he began Karate  having trained with the club for  around 30 years since the club moved into  the  Dalmuir C.E. Centre . He is a fully qualified SKGB Level 2 Coach and he provides much needed support to Sensei McQueen by assisting with the instruction of the younger students. Sempai Denholm is also the Licensing Officer for the Shitokai Scotland Association, a thankless task which he carries out diligently.
Primary School Class
The club has a well established Primary School class ranging in ages from 4 years  up to 11 years of age. The session is for 60 minutes which is more than enough for the younger students. However slightly older and more capable students in this class, who are showing promise in any aspect and are training seriously, may be invited to take part in additional training in the High School / Senior Class.
The club also has a well established High School / Senior Class. This class is expected to be much more serious in their attitude to their training. Normally each class will include training in basics (Kihon), sparring (Kumite) and forms (Kata). On some occasions we may spend more time than normal on one particular item, when Sensei needs to get a particular point across, or when students are enjoying the session so much they do not want to move on to something different.
Sessions with a self defence theme are also conducted regularly which is becoming more and more important.
This is the class where all the hard work gets done. Basics (Kihon), Sparring (Kumite) and forms (Kata), as well as pad impact training and general fitness/flexibility sessions. Just trying to keep the many Shito-Ryu Kata familiar is a difficult task, as without repetition it is all too easy to forget the application (Bunkai) and  sequence of moves associated with each Kata. There is no upper age limit to this class and it is open to both male and female students and is a great way to keep fit.
High School Class
Senior Class
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