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Last update  18/08/2013
Shitokai Erskine
Park Mains High School, Park Mains, Erskine
Tel: +44(0)141-812-3978, Mobile: 07976-268518
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Karate Classes at Park Mains Sports Complex - Erskine i
Sensei McQueen has over 40 years experience since he began his Karate training. In that time he has gained valuable  technical expertise while training under some of the world’s top Shito-Ryu  Masters.
Great Karate Masters such as Yoshinao Nanbu 10th Dan, Ryozo Tsukada 8th Dan, Kenji Kusano 8th Dan and Yasunari Ishimi 9th Dan.

Sensei McQueen has just finished the first volume of what is planned to be a series on Shito-Ryu Karate Katas to further the knowledge and understanding of all Associations students. The first volume deals with the 5 Pinan Kata and includes the Yakusoku Kumite for each.
The Club is extremely fortunate to to be part of an Association  ie Shitokai Scotland which is linked to the Shitokai headquarters in Tokyo, Japan along with a large network of other worldwide and European Associations/Clubs  including Shitokai Ishimi. Under the technical guidance of Master Ishimi  9th Dan , no question remains unanswered for long as his knowledge is endless, being one of the most accomplished and respected Shito-Ryu masters in the world today.
Sensei McQueen 6th Dan
Master Ishimi 9th Dan
Master Ishimi 9th Dan
Master Ishimi Teaching  Kata
Sensei  McQueen is also one of Scotland’s most respected Referee’s and is the current Chairman of the SKGB Refereeing Commission which is responsible for all aspects of Refereeing and competition within Scotland.   
As well as being a qualified British Karate Federation Referee and Kata Judge he is also a qualified European Karate Federation Kumite Referee & Kata Judge (the only double qualified International Referee in Scotland). He regularly referees throughout Britain and abroad, at  local, national and international level
Being based in Madrid, Master Ishimi is perfectly placed to travel around Europe teaching his beloved art of Shito-Ryu. This of course also means that he is within easy reach for students to travel to his Dojo in Madrid, or his summer course (Gashukku) in Murcia, Spain. This traditional Shito-Ryu link, provided along with the affiliation to the World Shitokai Federation, is paramount to the ideals and future development of the club.
A regular visitor to Scotland, Master Ishimi is a very approachable and knowledgeable Karate master who teaches with a no compromise style of demanding repetitions of kihon, kata and kumite.