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Last update  18/08/2013
Shitokai Erskine
Park Mains High School, Park Mains, Erskine
Tel: +44(0)141-812-3978, Mobile: 07976-268518
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Karate Classes at Park Mains Sports Complex - Erskine i
Thank you for taking the interest to visit my club website. At Shitokai Erskine we practise traditional Shito-Ryu Karate one of the four main Karate styles being practised in the world today. There are of course many branches of Shito-Ryu and we follow the traditional teachings of the founder Master Kenwa Mabuni  under the direction of Master Ishimi 9th Dan, Chief of Shitokai Europe

The club is part of the highly successful Shitokai Scotland Association, one of the leading lights in Scottish/British Karate. In fact Sensei McQueen 6th Dan has the honour of  being the Technical Director of the Association being a founder member along with its Chief Instructor  Sensei Connell 7th Dan, over 35 years ago. Over the years their friendship has never floundered and the Association has gone on to become more successful than was ever imagined.
The Club:
General Information
The Club has been in existence for almost 35 years, although not always based in Erskine. Initially the club was formed in Drumchapel Glasgow, moving to Dalmuir, Clydebank and finally to Erskine around  the year 2000.

At present there are two classes to cover two different age groups. This enables us to tailor the teaching methods to the ages and abilities of each of these very different groups. This is achieved with the assistance of assistant instructor (Sempai) Brian Denholm 4th Dan.

We take the protection of children very seriously and all instructors in contact with children are fully qualified Level 2 or 3 coaches in accordance with the requirements laid down by Sport Scotland and the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB).
Club Training Times
The first training session at the club is FREE and this enables the student to have a good look at the club and join in for basic training for a night.  This also allows the club the opportunity to have a good look at the student and confirm that he/she has all the characteristics we would wish for a potential member, prior to any financial commitment being made. Once the membership fee is paid the student will receive a free Karate suit (Gi)

Following the initial free session the cost of each lesson becomes £4.00  for children up to  but not including high school age. The training fee for high school age and adults is £5.00 per session.

The initial membership/licence fee is £25.00 and annual renewal is £20.00 for all age groups.

Please refer to the training schedule page for full details of the available training dates for the club.
Since those early beginnings the Association has gone through many changes and improves constantly due to the dedication and hard work of  the senior instructors and of course  the membership.  Shitokai Erskine Karate Club is no different and  offers only the best of traditional Shito-Ryu Karate training as well as a solid grounding in sport competition Karate for  specialising in either Kumite or Kata events.
For more information simply send an E-mail to Sensei McQueen at :-  
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